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Creative Wiltshire offers clients a unique chance to work in an innovative partnership with Wiltshire College, accessing facilities, expertise and skills for mutual benefit. A curriculum and business enterprise hybrid, it provides services and delivers benefits for both.

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Creative media services for community and business from Wiltshire Enterprise:

  • Production: websites, interactive multimedia and multiplatform digital film production
  • Training: bespoke training and consultancy from software courses to production-led training
  • Facilities: wet and dry downtime hire of resource: TV studio, sound studio, radio studio and post production facilities

Creative Wiltshire is growing new talent and fresh ideas, building a network of organisations and individuals involved in creative digital media production. www.mediahubbub.co.uk

Creative Wiltshire supports mediahubbub as a networking, showcase and community for young mediamakers, emerging talent and creative industry professionals who wish to support this talent development initiative.

Recognised by government and industry for high quality provision, Wiltshire College is a partner in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Skillset Media Academy and a Founder College in the National Skills Academy for Cultural and Creative Skills.


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Wiltshire College
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